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Can’t Think of Something to Program?

Reinvent the WheelA lot of times, you’ll hear programmers say, “Do not reinvent the wheel”. What they are usually referring to is when an algorithm or application exists for a common problem and there is no need to replicate this. … Continue reading

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Creating a Records Management Policy That is Right For Your Business

Establishing a solid records management program is a challenge for any organization. Just like the planning of a new college campus or the revitalization of an existing city center, it has to be planned carefully from start to finish. All … Continue reading

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Home-Based Business: Success and the Common Man

“You are the only one who can use your ability. It is an awesome responsibility.” – Zig ZiglarThe figures are staggering; a startling 150 million individuals are making over 400 billion dollars in home-based business income. This figure eclipses the … Continue reading

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